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ACHETS MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: What are some of the tangible benefits of ACHETS membership?

What are some of the tangible benefits of ACHETS membership?

What You Will Receive as a Member:

Membership ID Card & Certificate of Membership
Proudly display your affiliation with thousands of others who are committed to quality and excellence in Christian education. Show your Membership ID Card in official events.

Our award-winning, flagship team tackles the most pressing issues facing Christian educators.

Continuing Education
Through our conferences and training programmes, there are numerous opportunities available.

Members Only Discounts
Members receive discounts on resources, books and manuals 

Counsel Talk, Video-based Webinars​
Webinar participants receive valuable insight from professionals in their respective fields from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Use of the name and ACHETS logo on publications, including websites.

Connect & Network
ACHETS INCORPORATED works to support you by providing a wide array of opportunities to share knowledge, build relationships, and advance the profession.

Become a member today and start building connections that will boost your career and increase your profile in the field.

First Professional Chartered Course in Christian education

Q: - What is CCE? - Chartered Christian Educator status 

A: - The Chartered Christian Educator programme - First Professional Chartered Course in Christian Education seeks to train, encourage, equip, and empower Christian Teachers, Theologians, Academics, Theological Researchers, Christian Educators, Bible and Theological Teachers, Librarians, Publishers, Counselors, Writers, Authors, Christian Artistes & Actors. Those who completed and passed the required Chartered Professional Course will be chartered and certified. The Professional Certification provides an evidence of proficiency and authority in Christian education.

Q: - How do I apply for a CCE status?

A: - Educators interested in participating in the programme must first become a member of Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools and meet the following criteria:

• Hold a minimum of Bachelor's degree in relevant subject.
• Have a minimum of three years appropriate working experience
• Provide evidence of meeting the required competency standards

If you have any questions, find answers on our FAQ section

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