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Do I Need A Degree In Missions To Become A Missionary?

Do I Need A Degree In Missions To Become A Missionary? #achetsmissionaryuniversity @achetsmissionaryuniversity

You can be a missionary without a degree, all you need is the Holy Spirit's leading, and God's help. However, missionary degrees matter because they help us learn more about God and how to reach other people with the Gospel. Missions work encompasses many fields and specialties beyond church planting. Linguists, such as Bible translators need to be strong in languages. Mission Consultants give expert advice or training on a particular subject to people working in mission fields or people interested in missions. Cultural Anthropologists focus on the study of cultural variation among humans. Christian Apologists speak in defence of Christian faith against critics. Medical missionaries first need to be a doctor or nurse, then have training of some sort for cross cultural ministry. Christian teachers and educators help students to learn and develop as mature, able, and responsible Christians to the praise and glory of God. 

Missionaries should have some preparation before going on the field. Missionary degrees or training programmes are a wise way to become prepared for the mission field.

A degree in missions can certainly be helpful, if you are interested in teaching at a university, get some paid ministry jobs, you want to teach at a Bible school or missionary kids schools, or you want to go with missions organizations.

Anyone from any professional/ educational background can become a missionary if that's their calling. The world needs the love of Jesus shown in, and just as much as from the pulpit.

There are missionaries on the field right now serving in a number of different capacities, with all sorts of educational backgrounds, and they are all being used for the kingdom.

Regardless of your field or educational level, God can use you to take the Good News to the nations. 

What's really important is. Once you know you’re being called to a life of missionary work, rest assured that God can use your unique skill and expertise. ACHETS Missionary University - AMU’s mission coaches will be more than happy to help you figure out what your calling looks like.

From our start, AMU has a strong focus on global ministry — this is why our founder included “missionary” in our institutional name. We’re passionate about missions and the global nature of our mission as a college.

That’s why we are excited for a new approach to missions education and training!

Our degrees allow you to work in a variety of areas, including:

* Business & Community Development
* Camp Ministry
* Children's Ministry
* Church Planting
* Counseling Education
* Evangelism & Discipleship
* Leadership Development
* Social Welfare Ministries
* Sports & Community Outreach
* Student Ministries
* Theological Education
* Translation
* Women's Ministry
* Written & Visual Communications

If you are interested in some form of learning for cross-cultural, or a degree in missions, we want to walk with you through every step of your journey to missions. Check out the student information page for a piece of information to your AMU Experience. Start your AMU Experience!

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