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ACHETS Member Institutions

List of Member Institutions in ACHETS

ACHETS is an "Accreditation Body" for Christian Educators and Christian Schools, a faith based organization made up of hundreds of individual and corporate members including colleges, universities, institutions and more. Take a look at the list of member institutions below.

Note that membership in ACHETS does not imply Accreditation by ACHETS. Corporate membership is a prerequisite for entering the ACHETS Accreditation process. To be eligible for accreditation, member institutions must maintain membership for at least one year. Member schools only may submit letters of intent if they are seeking accreditation with ACHETS. YOU CAN ALSO SEARCH BY THE NAME OF AN INSTITUTION ON OFFICIAL DIRECTORY TO VIEW ACHETS ACCREDITED INSTITUTIONS

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The following is the list of Member Institutions in ACHETS

Member Institutions

1. Biblical University, Lagos
2. CEM University, Kogi
3. Generation Light International Bible College, Edo
4. Real Life Christian College and Seminary, Lagos
5. Great Commission Theological Seminary, Calabar
6. Reigning Power Theological Seminary, Lagos
7. Winning Souls Bible College, Pakistan
8. ACHETS Missionary University, Lagos
9. Theodora College of Education, Theology and Management Science, Kaduna
10. The Ark Theological Seminary of Nigeria, Abuja

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