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Recognized Christian Accreditation Body in Nigeria

What is an accreditation body?
An accreditation body is an authoritative body that performs accreditation. In some instances, its authority is derived from the government. Its primary function is to assess, provide certification, testing, and inspection. Accreditation demonstrates the competence, and performance capability.

Accreditation bodies normally operate as non-profit distributing organisations.

Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools - ACHETS Incorporated is an "Accreditation Body" for Christian Educators and Christian Schools.

ACHETS is a recognized authority on Christian higher education accreditation in Nigeria. No 1 and the best.

ACHETS Incorporated is established with the power to accredit and provide support for all Christian colleges, universities and theological schools.

ACHETS is duly Incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a non-profit, Religious, Charitable, and an Educational Institution to operate in Nigeria for religious (Christian) consumption.

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