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ACHETS Excellence Awards | 2022 Applications & Nominations NOW OPEN!

ACHETS Excellence Awards | 2022 Applications & Nominations NOW OPEN!

Would You Like to Honor Your Pastor, Christian Leader, an Educator or a Mentor? Nominate them for ACHETS Excellence Awards, or Apply Yourself for one of these Global Awards

Complete and submit your application or nomination for the ACHETS Excellence Awards.

Please read through the form before you begin completing to ensure you have all information required to submit your application or nomination.

Important Information
It is important that recipients be committed Christians and persons of great integrity. On your award day, you will gain membership to the ACHETS Incorporated. As a member, you get a unique opportunity for continued networking and to further develop yourself professionally.

The Excellence Awards

Award Categories
The following categories are open to individual and corporate organisations of all sizes

* Christian Educator Appreciation & Career Service Award CEACSA

Description: ACHETS is pleased to honor Christian education retirees across the globe with the annual Christian Educator Appreciation & Career Service Award (CEACSA).The award recognizes lifetime Christian educators who have spent more than 35 years in education, with 25 of those years in service to Christian schools.

* Distinguished Christian School Award DCSA

Description: DCSA honors Christian schools for their achievements in academic, leadership and Christian Service.

* Innovative Teaching Award ITA

Description: This award honors outstanding primary, secondary or university teachers, who have demonstrated innovation in instruction and a commitment to preparing their students for future success.

* Excellence in Teaching Award

Description: This is an opportunity to honor instructors who exhibit a breadth and depth of knowledge in their discipline in a way which significantly enhances the intellectual climate of his or her college, and stimulation and direction of scholarly activity among students.

* Excellence in Leadership Award

Description: The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence in leadership involving people, events, programmes, projects and/or teams, or persons who lead an effective team to achieve results, and actively involved in mentorship and development of others.

* The Leadership Award

Description: This is to reward innovation, commitment, excellence in leadership, and outstanding results in different endeavours, such as sports, business, church or ministry, academic, social or political. Recognizing excellent leadership through the presentation of leadership awards to encourage the leaders to do more while inspiring the would-be leaders to strive for something beyond themselves.

* Lifetime Achievement Award

Description: The purpose of this award is to honor great artists and scholars who have enabled us to think more profoundly, more intelligently, more critically, and more self-critically about the relations between literature and Christian faith and practice.

* The Writer Award

Description: This is to acknowledge the value and impact of the novel of faith in contemporary culture, and celebrate writers in our community, who write from a perspective of faith and who create stories with matters of belief at their core.

" Ambassador for Charity Award

Description: The purpose is to award individuals and organisations that in one way or the other added value to humanity by showing love, dedicating their time, donating, caring for the less privileged and the vulnerable in our society.

* Meritorious Service Award

Description: Meritorious Service Award honors the individual member or members who have made significant, life-long contributions to the profession of Christian education. Individuals must have been an active member of ACHETS for a minimum of ten years; attended and participated in meetings and other functions at the local and international level; and demonstrated continued and distinguished service to the association.

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