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ACACEMC Christian Business School - ACBS

Accredited School of the ACHETS Incorporated is an institution who has met the ACHETS Incorporated standards of excellence for accreditation and quality education programmes.

Member Since: June 24, 2023

Accreditation No: AC090623

Status: Full Accreditation

Our Mission
To prepare Christians for business and professional work, and to offer programmes that aim to integrate the Christian faith in a secular environment

The ACACEMC Christian Business School - ACBS is part of ACHETS Center for Advancement of Christian Education Ministries & Certifications. ACBS is an affiliate of Biblical University, accredited by Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools - ACHETS Incorporated. Our programmes help students develop a deeper understanding of their identity, formation, and calling as they journey to become whole persons in their work and in their community. Embedded within Christ-centered communities, students of ACBS programmes will grow in their discipline through a commitment to the Christian virtues of intellectual curiosity and rigor, hospitality, humility, integrity, authenticity, and perseverance.

We integrate the social teachings of Christianity with a sensible, practical approach to business. At ACBS, you will be prepared to pursue more than just a career, but a calling to create a positive change in the world through business.

As a Christian-based institution, we believe that the business field is not just a career choice guided by self-interest, but rather an avenue in which our students can develop and realize an element of their true potential. We want our students to develop a social consciousness that is ethics-driven based on Christian principles. We have a mission-driven purpose and encourage students along a spiritual and moral path that promotes decision-making from a moral perspective and Christian worldview.

As a Christian business school, ACBS is charged with being an influential force promoting ethical conduct within the business community, both as a leader and advocate. We consider this charge as a challenge in developing and promoting new and innovative ways to broaden Christian influence in business and deepen the understanding of how biblical principles apply to the current business environment. We feel our teaching methods must constantly adapt to changing conditions and demands, including new ways to communicate with students and business leaders, as well as a desire to contribute to the body of business research. We do this by hiring top-notch faculty with both academic credentials and real-world experience, having a wide range of courses and academic programmes, redesigning curricula and upgrading academic facilities.

Our goal is not only to develop future leaders but good global citizens. We want our students to understand that the shape of the future is our choice, and that business can be a major contributor to a future that is economically, socially, and ecologically viable for all its citizens. We also must be held accountable to future generations and how our actions impact the environment.

As ACBS expands our legacy, we will continue to offer innovative programmes, conduct cutting-edge research, and by providing educational opportunities to young, working adults while meeting the challenges and needs of the business community through adherence to our mission. In this way the school continues to distinguish itself from traditional, secular business education.

Contact Information
ACACEMC Christian Business School - ACBS
3 Powerline, Gbodu, P. O. Box 2419, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria, +23401
Admissions Waitlist & Enquiries +2348159346786