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Lack of parent-daughter relationship and communication

Lack of parent-daughter relationship and communication

Parents should have good relationship with their children so that the children will be free to discuss their issues of concern with them. When a high degree of parent-daughter communication exists, topics discussed often include school work, plans for the future, sex, growing up,, pregnancy and tactful information more likely to prevent pregnancy.

When communication on sexual issues between the parents and the adolescent is open, it creates a healthy environment for the development of the adolescent. When parents spend time with their children (female and male) more especially face to face communication, not only the digital one (in this era of advanced technology and phones), it significantly lessens the incidences of depression, anxiety and other mental illness. Being physically present with loved ones creates a strong emotional support to sustain family members through the demands and grinds of life. Adolescent that spend good time with family, tend to do better in school. They learn communication skills and the importance of education. When needed, assisting with assignments or new concepts reinforces the fact that their success is important to parents and older siblings. Parents can ask questions that can lead their young ones to talk and discuss with them. Through these discussions, parental-daughter bonds and closeness are formed. However, an opposite of this allowance of parental-daughter communication will definitely produce a lapse which can push the adolescent to seek communication outside the home. Largely amongst her peers who may be in need of attention too. Hence, the outcome will be adverse and intrusion into their sex life can happen and ultimately lead to unwanted pregnancy.


Awele Yvonne Okwuosa, DMin

A thesis submitted to the department of Mission and Ministries, Faculty of Arts and Education in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Counseling at ACHETS Missionary University, Lagos, Nigeria, May, 2023

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