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Recommended reading list

One of the questions people ask me is “Sir, what books do you recommend?” I love encouraging people to read books because I read a lot.

To start with, read good books, substantial books. It is very important, and read well.

To read well is to be well informed or deeply versed through reading.

A well read person has read a lot of books and has learned a lot from them.

Here are 22 top books that I would like to recommend to all pastors and leaders. I won’t attempt to rank them in order. If you’re a pastor or a leader, you should try and read all of these

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Books by others
1. Maturing Stewards by Dr. H. Charles Roost
2. Becoming Like Jesus by Gbile Akanni
3. The Essentials of Prayer by E. M. Bounds
4. Turning Toward Integrity by David Jeremiah
5. You Have Not Many Fathers by Dr. Mark Handy
6. The Source of My Strength by Charles Stanley
7. Join this Chariot by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

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Books by me
15. Discipline in the Church
16. Your Guide to Pastoral Ethics
17. Management Principles in Ministry
18. Experiencing the incredible power of altar
19. You are gods!
20. Leadership, Management and Self-Assessment Course Book
21. Handbook for Personal & Group Bible Study Course in Christian Theology

Free copy
22. The Gift of God

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Let me close by saying don't read to impress. Read to grow! Read to learn new things, to help you and others succeed in life and ministry.

Prof. Emmanuel Kolawole



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