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Double Degree

Biblical University offers you the opportunity to earn a double degree in partnership with ACHETS Missionary University.

In our partnership together we have acknowledged the quality of each other’s degrees. This means that, when you study at Biblical University, you will have credits from ACHETS Missionary University towards the degree that you choose to study at Biblical University. Upon graduation from the dual degree programme, you will be awarded two degrees.

Why study a double degree?
* Multiply your opportunities with a BU double degree.
* You will receive two academic degrees — one from Biblical University BU and another from ACHETS Missionary University AMU.
* Save up to three years full-time study when you choose a double degree, compared to completing each course separately.

Start your experience today
If you plan to study at Biblical University, a double degree is yours for the taking. If you want to deepen your faith and learning, make yourself stand out from the crowd, and embrace a new challenge. Two degrees equip you for ministry more effectively and efficiently, and help you forge ahead with confidence and clarity of vision

Are you ready to live your life with clarity, conviction, and confidence? Are you ready to align with what you were created to do? Are you ready to know your marching orders and build unstoppable momentum?

Come study with us! Choose your application pathway. Start your experience today! 

Be Great. Serve.

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